Well, we have had a few queries and we hope you are eager to read more about the conference and the themes in it. Some of the site is now public and we are tapping away on the rest in the next few weeks. What we can share now is the call for papers with extended descriptions of the themes and the session formats. The link to the submission system is still a week or so away but you ought to be able to consider the themes and the session formats to adjust your contributions by now at least.

Similarly, the registration, travel, and accommodation page is also in the making and we hope to have that up at the same time as the submission system.

For now,


18 thoughts on “Welcome to the EATAW2019 site

    1. Hi, we are at work on the submissions system as we speak. And hope to have it up by November 1. Deadline likely towards the end of December or early January.

    1. Hi,
      We are still negotiating some contracts and trying to find out if we can add a PhD student category etc. There are also VAT-regulations we need to communicate and calculate for. Today, the full fee in the budget is SEK2500 including VAT.

    1. Hi,
      Technically, we do not yet have a contract with a publisher but two publications are planned. For the past ten years, the Journal of Academic Writing has published a special issue with articles from the conference edited by guest editors from the organising university. We hope that will be possible also for EATAW2019. We also intend to circulate a call for papers for a collection of chapters where we expect longer pieces. Sadly, I can not guarantee either publication today but this is our plan at least.

      1. Hello,

        Following the conference, a special issue of the Journal of Academic Writing (JoAW) will be devoted to the publication of selected papers delivered at EATAW 2019. Published by EATAW, the Journal of Academic Writing is relevant to teachers, scholars, and programme managers across disciplines and across the world who are interested in conducting, debating and learning from research into best practices in the teaching of writing.

        It is anticipated that the special issue publishing proceedings from EATAW 2019 will be available in the second half of 2020 and further guidance will be provided after the conference.

        Please note that all manuscripts are subject to JoAW’s double-blind peer reviewing process and any papers included in the special issue will be full journal articles that conform to JoAW’s requirements in terms of length and the need for a well-developed argument.

        Selected Papers from the EATAW 2017 conference issue in Vol 8, No 2 (2018) can be found at: http://e-learning.coventry.ac.uk/ojs/index.php/joaw.

        The Editors look forward to hearing from you with a manuscript!

  1. Thank you for all the contributions! As you will have guessed, we have started the reviewing process and hope to have the first round decisions out by the first week of March. The deadline for the revised contributions is March 29.

  2. Can you give us an idea of the transportation to the conference site? If we are coming from the US, is it best to fly to Stockholm? Then what do we do? Still working on whether I can make it or not.

    1. Hi,
      The fastest way to get to Gothenburg is to fly into GOT (Landvetter Airport). The airport bus to the city centre is about 30 minutes an inexpensive. The Stockholm alternative is worth looking into if the transatlantic flight gets any cheaper that way. To get from the capital to Gothenburg is approximately a 3 hour quite nice train trip through Sweden. There is even a third option that might involve a decent flight ticket and that would be to fly into Copenhagen and get the train to Gothenburg (a slightly longer train trip but just as nice). We hope you can all make it!

    1. Hi,
      We started sending review decisions out Thursday and will be hard at work on it all weekend. You should be receiving your reviews today.

  3. Good day,

    is there a possibility to attend this conference only as a viewer? Have recently started working with Academic writing at our university and it could be a great place for getting some more experience. Is there a possibility like this?

    Thank you so much

    1. Dear Brigita,
      You are most welcome ‘only as a viewer’. I do hope you will find session content useful and plenty of colleagues to talk to. The programme is till a few weeks away but I believe we can say we have contribution across the spectrum of the theme.
      Looking forward to seeing you in July,

      1. Dear Magnus,

        great news 🙂 Should I register for it, or there is no registration for viewers 🙂

        Thanks so much for your reply,

  4. Thank you for your patience with the programme,
    While we are still at work on the layout, the EasyChair programme is now up under ‘Schedule’. We will be updating it when we get requests we can meet and in the sad scenario of getting cancellations.


    Also please note that we have put together some additional travel information for your stay in Gothenburg and on campus


    Till next …

  5. PAWBL symposium on 6th December 2019

    This year’s BAAL PAWBL SIG symposium is on 6th December 2019, at The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, on the theme of Work, life, study: literacies in and out of institutions.

    The event will combine plenary talks, round table discussions and presentation sessions. The aim is to continue to foster conversations on these and other issues relevant to the production, consumption and evaluation of texts in professional, academic and workplace contexts.

    The theme of the symposium is the common thread connecting the triple professional, academic and work-based foci of PAWBL as a special interest group is the role of institutions in shaping literacy practices, and the consequences which follow for individuals, organisations and wider society.

    Proposals by: 23 September 2019

    Registration deadline: 8 November 2019

    See PAWBL’s events page for details: https://pawbl.wordpress.com/events/

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