In addition to the planing group from the division for language and communication, we are of course very grateful for the members on the scientific committee who made the review process possible and helped maintain quality in the many contributions to the conference.

The EATAW board:

Amanda French

José António Brandão Soares Carvalho

Erin Bethany Zimmerman

Kärt Rummel

Stuart Wrigley

Djuddah Arthur Joost Leijen

Lisa Ganobcsik-Williams

Magnus Gustafsson


DLC colleagues and associates:

Carl-Johan Carlsson

Kathryn Strong Hansen

Carina Sjöberg Hawke

Annamaria Gabrielli

Fia Christina Börjeson

Anthony Norman

Hans Malmström

Andreas Eriksson

Becky Bergman

Raffaella Negretti

Lisa McGrath

Miguel Garcia Yeste