One of the objective of COST Action 15221 – We ReLaTe – Advancing effective institutional models towards cohesive teaching, learning, research and writing development is ‘to co-ordinate the identification of existing centralised models which aim to support teaching, learning, research and writing in higher education with particular regard to their place institutionally and their existing interconnectedness/interoperability’.  Within our Action we have agreed that one of the ways that we will address this objective is to publish a book of case studies which captures the existing models of support across some of our partner institutions.  In the Action we are seeking to learn from existing success that is conspicuous at individual level and is demonstrated by key informants or stellar colleagues.  Hence, the  case studies will explore the institutional models through an individual lens predominantly.  We have agreed a template for the case studies that includes the following elements: an abstract, profile of the institution, context and background, methodology – what research is informing the case study, overview of centralised supports, interoperability and synergies across the supports, opportunities associated with the existing model of support, challenges associated with the existing model of support, professional reflections, insights and recommendations, references.

In order to support the drafting of the case studies, and to reinforce the collaborative nature of our work, we will run a pre-conference workshop for those Action participants who are submitting case studies to the publication.  Colleagues will bring a full draft of their case study to the workshop where we will peer review each other’s work and discuss in more detail the collection, including the processes involved in moving from drafting to publication.

If you are interested in our work please check our website on or seek out an Action member over the course of the conference.


Workshop description

During the workshop we will discuss and peer review case study papers from Action members from across Europe.